Shapes of the heart

Unlimited ways to spell
The shapes of our world.
Scrape into sand
Etch into rock
Touch on skin
All lies within
The expression of love
That fill us with simple joy.
A hug
A word
A look into eyes
How could we be so surprised
In the feeling born within
And given so freely
To those so close and strangers
Starved for a piece
Of the humanity that lies
Within each of us,
Of the hope we can give to the world
Shaped by love.

Crying skies

Before the tears
My precious moon seeped through
So very high above
Covering me in a tarnished glow
Through clouds
Now weeping
In the early morning hours
Perhaps the clouds cry
Because they are unable
To look above
And see the beauty
Of a star filled sky.
Filled with sorrow
They rain down
Growing colder
Yet not quite the image
Of a flake
Glistening like the stars
They resemble.