So close

It is an amazing thing
How mood and perception
Can change
In an instant
To know you are so close,
So very close,
To a dream coming true.
To finally realize
That nothing can stop
The manifesting of a destiny
Once the stars line
Leading you on
To the hearts desire.
To be able to feel hope,
To be able to smile
And to know that the only thing
Stopping you is fear,
And that suddenly that fear
Is no longer a piece
Of the puzzle played
Putting each one in its place,
Picture almost complete
And at the edge of my horizon
I will see the moon waiting
With the coming of spring
One more puzzle completed
Fully and beautifully
By hand.

Thoughts on sandy beaches, the impermanence of anything and the culmination of dreams and hopes coming true. Like a shooting star, watching the momentum rocket joy through my soul.

Sleep of the lunar soul

Silver orb plays
Peeping tom
Through the cracks in the
Mind open to influence.
Walking in the dream state
Concerns play out
Like a story now known
Through vision of truth.
Moving through in sleepscapes
I call to myself
Where are you going
As the skies tell
Of tomorrows.
I reach out to capture
These thoughts to keep
In waking to ponder
The why and the when.
Moon in the distance
Keeping watch on the earth
Comforting the living
Guiding the sleeping soul.
Sun slow to wake
I sit here and see the seeds
Of another day planted
In my life’s garden.