Water falls gently

Crisp wetness falls
Like dreams spilling over
In the absolute moment
Of a joy found.
Water flows clear
Smooth river running
Round the bend of a check
Eyes shine with happiness.
What dreams bring to life
The soul of the weak
To stand and embrace humbly
To accept the gift with wisdom
That it was always meant to be.
They move forward
Never retreating
Till the well runs dry
And the parched self lays quenched
In idle bliss of today.
Hold tight that simple joy,
Dance in happiness to the beat of a heart
Laugh loudly to share the sounds
The heart flowing with the blood of life,
The eyes too shall flow
In goodness and light
With tears of splendid joy.

Thoughts on life that moves and flows and to just feel that sense of happiness,
That every little thing is going to the universal plan.

Illuminated life

Storm comes calling
I hear the wicked wind blowing
Trees sway
And eyes open suddenly
Time taken to reflect
On this moment
The feel of limbs relaxed
Safe within
From the coming cold.
Skies open
Light trying desperately to squeeze between
The clouds like sheets
Glimpse of days beginning
As I drive through the drops
Of barely there rain
I ponder the energy that moves
And I am a part of
The whole that is
A new day dawning
And new dreams to explore
In my warming mind
As eyes explore surroundings
Not long now
And just one more foot forward
Closer to the edge
Of happiness.