Silent bloom

After the storm
Night gently falls
And the silence of the moment
A touch of beauty
Graces the white weary world
Out in the silver snow
Tender blooms
Beauty placed to mark
This moment of the day.
Petals stand before the sky
Making a portrait
In simplicity.
A new day will dawn
Sun will rise over hills
Bringing light and relief
As the wave of snow winds down
We will emerge once more
Like flowers bursting forth
From the depths of the earth
We will again bloom.

Photo taken by our friend Steve who received 7+ feet of snow this week in Alden NY.

14 thoughts on “Silent bloom

  1. Beats me Bro. I don’t need to remind you to be especially cautious and make extra ordinary moves where necessary. What is this world coming to? A lot of you got hit hard by this! I’m sending up a Prayer and would offer up assistance if I only knew what cash was. Best regards: Asparagus


  2. Thank you so much, been battling a lot of snow,here, not posting much but now the sun is out and the snow has ended and I believe it will be a beautiful day ☺️


  3. A standing contradiction! Life is tough and resilient… Of seven hundred million sperm, I’m the one that made it to the egg. So life is also very selective.

    What is with all this snow anyway? Global warming I expect. I have a theory on that I’ve never heard mentioned and really should post on that. Now’s the appropriate time! Why looky here! You’ve inspired me! Kooky :O)

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