Child of waking sun

I am a charge of the light
Moving through
Life’s universe
Following the motion
Of a waking day.
Light slips over the horizon
Spilling into my soul
Brightness channelled
Into the heart of matter.
Arms to the skies
As the constellations
Unseen slipping by
Blinded by brilliance
Of a new days birth.
Do you see me moving
Through time and space
Rocketing to the universe
Of a dream come true.
Peace fills the infinite soul
I breathe in and out
These moments each precious
Most sacred.

11 thoughts on “Child of waking sun

  1. thanks Kelly, finding my groove again. I think the moon has been playing games with me lately but I see the stars again which is quite uplifting and a gorgeous morning is truly a blessing.

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  2. Thanks so much AnnMarie, getting my groove back with the sight of the stars last night, they always fill me with hope and peace and I am glad I could share that with you my friend 😊


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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