SPAM? Oh my……ear worm warning

Sung to the tune of The Candy Man….teeheehee….for my lovie stuck at the airport.

Who can take a can o’SPAM, splash on a little goo
throw it on the smoker add a chunk of wood or two
The spammy man can, oh the Spammy man can
The spammy man can ’cause he mixes it with rub and makes the loaf taste good.

Who can take a meat chunk wrap it in a pie
Let the smoke soak in and leave the foodies with a sigh
The Spammy Man, the Spammy Man can
The Spammy Man can ’cause he cooks it with some love and makes it all taste good.

The Spammy Man makes everything he smokes satisfying and delicious
Now you talk about your BBQ wishes, the puppy gets to lick the dishes.

Oh, who can take the Hormel, slimy pink and clean
Separate the icky and it’s nowhere close to lean
The Spammy Man, oh the Spammy Man can
The Spammy Man can ’cause he Q’s with special rub and makes this crap taste good.

I never cared for SPAM as a kid, but I love the kitschyness of a greasy old school pink blob in a can. I mean, don’t you often wonder what is it? Well,leave it to the hubs to attempt smoking it with some wood and charcoal and OMG, salty goodness, slathered with his homemade BBQ sauce and I think besides the blood pressure heightened from the sodium, I may ask him to make it again in the future. I kept singing this as he made it and like Weird Al, I never believed in not changing up lyrics to add some humor to any situation. My apologies to Willy Wonka and Sammy Davis Jr. And to Hormel too….God knows I eat enough of your beanless chili with my favorite football dip. Please feel free to sing along…..lala lalalala…sorry for the ear worm my friends.

13 thoughts on “SPAM? Oh my……ear worm warning

  1. I will have to YouTube them to see what it’s about, saw a bit of the spam one but not the dead parrot and laughter is an awesome thing. But it is good smoked by the way…who would have thought?


  2. LOL!!! Wow! I needed that laugh out loud. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW – to tag on the comment by Timothy Price, The Monty Python Spam and Dead Parrot skits were my favorites. You best quit when you’re ahead though. I’m not sure you are the dead parrot type of writer lol!

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  3. I giggled my way through your revision of one of my favorite songs and now can’t get the tune and your refrain out of my mind. Hope it disappears soon, since it doesn’t seem appropriate for thanksgiving dinner.

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  4. They had a bit about it last Sunday on the morning show, I think, thats why I think he bought it, but smoked on the grill with BBQ sauce was awesome!!!! Very prevalent in Hawaii, in everything โ˜บ๏ธ


  5. You can’t forget Monty Python’s Spam skit. It’s a classic. We never had spam in the house because my dad had so much of it in England during WWII that we wouldn’t allow it in the house. I tried it once and it’s not very appetizing. Apparently Spam is really popular in Hawaii.

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