Sidewalks end

Down concrete slabs
Road from my childhood
Broken now and crumbling,
Store fronts tattered
Covered for sale,
Empty business
Scenes so unlike
What I recall.
Roots burst forth
Even through the strength
What seemed to last forever
A shell of its former self.
Faces unknown move by
And the tired eyes show no hope
In this tired town
I do not know this place
Unfamiliar sights greet my mind
What I remember as a child
Bright days and fresh paint
Only a distant memory.
Where the sidewalk ends
And the circles begin
And peeling houses
Sagging with the weight
Of another day going by
Sadness left behind
Deep within my heart
For what had been
And what is left

I drove through my hometown the other day and was shocked and saddened by all the changes I saw. Time waits for no one and houses seem small and tired. A grey bleak day.

15 thoughts on “Sidewalks end

  1. I enjoyed my visit as I always do. Glad you enjoyed my piece…and yes, the deterioration of the life we knew…the good old days is always a sad moment. But history continually steamrolls over life as it always will….sigh. Have a great day my friend. Peace and blessings, Kim


  2. Hi InfiniteZip. I can really Identify these thoughts. I have lived in the same town all my life How it has changed listed buildings destroyed modern monstrosities replacing the history. Leaving a chaotic mess. Not the place of childhood memories! Thank you so much for liking my poems The Car! Not Realizing! The Elderly Man! A Voice Called! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  3. Same feeling when I saw my house where I lived as a child. Have a beautiful day, my friend. Sending smiles and sunshine. πŸ˜„ 🌞


  4. I am always young at heart…moving to FLa next year with fingers crossed, although not needed, what will be, will be..first purchase beyond the house is a fragrant tea olive bush to bring me bliss…no snow would be next on the list of bliss….life is a blessing but you know that already…..oh, and wood,fired pizza made in warmth, not flurries….β›„οΈπŸŒ΄πŸŒž

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  5. Thank you so much, I left the area feeling a little,down at the lack of progress…it was a great place growing up…now, just tired and very worn…too much expansion gone wrong I think…


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