One year strong

A year ago today I started on the quest of starting a blog.
860 or so posts later and so many new friends found.
A year for me that has seen two books I am published in come to fruition thanks to the inspiration from other bloggers to go for my dream and most days still going strong, although sometimes as slow as a snail on sleeping pills at getting posts done, I am so very blessed and I wish to thank each one of you for the privilege and honor of sharing my inner most thoughts and words and actually having you read them and not laughing or calling the grammar police on me.
For seeing into the posts that you may wonder what the heck was she thinking and I too often wonder myself “if I only had a brain” what was I thinking….and finding something worthwhile in them.
For each comment you’ve given,
For each word of yours I have found and fell in love with,
For every photo of places I may never have seen without you sharing first,
And for those no longer with us that I still hold in my heart.
This is truly a place filled with beauty and magic and like Dorothy waltzing down the yellow brick road, I look forward to be off on new adventures to find the elusive wizard that gifts me with words that I proudly share with you my friends.
Thank you for 365 days of happiness and joy.
Believing in the possibilities and so very blessed.
Let the next year be just as wonderful and exciting as this has been!!!!
See you in 2015 my friends, peace and love and just a touch of patchouli just because.

The passage

Through pages turned
Each passing memory
Swept across time and space
Yellowing and faded print
Crumbling to dust
Blown free to the wind.
Boxes of ink
Love and loss in cursive
Writing falls off the page
History of it all
Turning and walking away.
Who was that girl
I slowly recall
Was she ever really there
Or just a story found
A friendship with self now takes the place
To grow and reach to skies
To softly stroke the image of stars
That reside beyond the eyes
Fathomless eternal dark
Somewhere we still find that glimmer of light
And empty pages soon will flow
With joy and expressions
New moments unknown
Shared on a page
Moving in endless space
Once spoken never returned
To the shell of then
For this is now
And that is all that really matters
After all.

To be gifted with words that flow, and to be unafraid to set them free…each page like messages in bottles flowing round the world to be found or lost. I look forward to a new year filled with possibilities that haven’t happened yet or if only in my mind so far. Peace and blessings to my WordPress friends and here’s to a new year filled with words, images and the endless pursuit of a dream.

Reflected blue (The New Year hues)

I stopped for but a moment
rushing forward
going nowhere
to the shimmer of blue
pooled like tears
to touch the gift
of a piece of sun.
I stopped there then,
the words like echoes
yesterday and times beyond
to touch the heart
of another year
slipping away.
I wondered what had become
of the fire and passion
of endlessly flowing verse
that now slows to peace
like a trickle,
a tenacious drop of water
falling off of the icicle
into a frozen puddle below.
I saw the sun break through,
clouds of visions silently open
to let out just a bit
just enough
to warm the water
as I stood watching
the reflection emerged
shimmering in the light
and it was the same
yet just a little different
and just enough to see the grey
the growth
the smile hidden within
that had forgotten itself
that had blown away perhaps
in the winter wind.
Like the bitter chill surrounding
the sun chases away
and wraps the mind and soul
in warmth,
that comforts with the changes
each day brings forth,
that gives its essence of hope
for yet one more beautiful day
that waits for you and I.