One year strong

A year ago today I started on the quest of starting a blog.
860 or so posts later and so many new friends found.
A year for me that has seen two books I am published in come to fruition thanks to the inspiration from other bloggers to go for my dream and most days still going strong, although sometimes as slow as a snail on sleeping pills at getting posts done, I am so very blessed and I wish to thank each one of you for the privilege and honor of sharing my inner most thoughts and words and actually having you read them and not laughing or calling the grammar police on me.
For seeing into the posts that you may wonder what the heck was she thinking and I too often wonder myself “if I only had a brain” what was I thinking….and finding something worthwhile in them.
For each comment you’ve given,
For each word of yours I have found and fell in love with,
For every photo of places I may never have seen without you sharing first,
And for those no longer with us that I still hold in my heart.
This is truly a place filled with beauty and magic and like Dorothy waltzing down the yellow brick road, I look forward to be off on new adventures to find the elusive wizard that gifts me with words that I proudly share with you my friends.
Thank you for 365 days of happiness and joy.
Believing in the possibilities and so very blessed.
Let the next year be just as wonderful and exciting as this has been!!!!
See you in 2015 my friends, peace and love and just a touch of patchouli just because.

The passage

Through pages turned
Each passing memory
Swept across time and space
Yellowing and faded print
Crumbling to dust
Blown free to the wind.
Boxes of ink
Love and loss in cursive
Writing falls off the page
History of it all
Turning and walking away.
Who was that girl
I slowly recall
Was she ever really there
Or just a story found
A friendship with self now takes the place
To grow and reach to skies
To softly stroke the image of stars
That reside beyond the eyes
Fathomless eternal dark
Somewhere we still find that glimmer of light
And empty pages soon will flow
With joy and expressions
New moments unknown
Shared on a page
Moving in endless space
Once spoken never returned
To the shell of then
For this is now
And that is all that really matters
After all.

To be gifted with words that flow, and to be unafraid to set them free…each page like messages in bottles flowing round the world to be found or lost. I look forward to a new year filled with possibilities that haven’t happened yet or if only in my mind so far. Peace and blessings to my WordPress friends and here’s to a new year filled with words, images and the endless pursuit of a dream.

Reflected blue (The New Year hues)

I stopped for but a moment
rushing forward
going nowhere
to the shimmer of blue
pooled like tears
to touch the gift
of a piece of sun.
I stopped there then,
the words like echoes
yesterday and times beyond
to touch the heart
of another year
slipping away.
I wondered what had become
of the fire and passion
of endlessly flowing verse
that now slows to peace
like a trickle,
a tenacious drop of water
falling off of the icicle
into a frozen puddle below.
I saw the sun break through,
clouds of visions silently open
to let out just a bit
just enough
to warm the water
as I stood watching
the reflection emerged
shimmering in the light
and it was the same
yet just a little different
and just enough to see the grey
the growth
the smile hidden within
that had forgotten itself
that had blown away perhaps
in the winter wind.
Like the bitter chill surrounding
the sun chases away
and wraps the mind and soul
in warmth,
that comforts with the changes
each day brings forth,
that gives its essence of hope
for yet one more beautiful day
that waits for you and I.

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 31,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

River of notes (for Heather)

She plays for me
The sweetest holiday memory
Mind drawn back into yesterday
To childhood and beyond.
She plays for me
Rivers of notes dancing
Piano twinkling with her fingers
Weaving magic for my ears.
She plays for me
Sounds of love and hope
Of sisterhood and the magic
I see her in my thoughts
Sweetly serenading universe of song.
She plays for me
Each song moving one into another
And I smile and feel so much
Emotion of happiness captured
On a disc that is part of our world.
She plays for me her song
Of togetherness and life,
Of all things so serene
And of the beautiful woman she has become
In each finger that touches the key
That unlocks the joy
For me.

Photo found at:

The blessings

High they touch the night
Majestic and tall spires
Staring at the glittering specks
They too feel so small
Amongst the greatness
Of all above.
Limbs raised in praise
They sway like silent dancers
Whispering pine needles graced
With motion of life
Blanket canopy hangs like diamonds
Reflected loveliness of this sacred night.
Far away a candle burns
Bayberry flicker in the window
Heralding the stranger who comes
As creatures gather round
Below the mighty wood
Peace and wishes in unison
To one and all
This gentle night calls
The blessings of the trees bowing
At the beauty all around
Unity and fellowship
Hope and love
And a very special thank you
In gratitude of all that’s good.

To you and your families whether far or near, a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Peace, love and blessings.

Book review : “Stinky and the Night Mare”

As the year comes to a close I realize I am nearing my one year anniversary here at the lovely WordPress homestead. I am so very thankful for those wonderful writers I have met and the books and words of the many I have read. I have several reviews to tend to and time is always so hard to come by but today I am doing my first book review on this blog.
Not having any children, but having the mind of whimsy that thoroughly seeks words of magic and joy I was giddy with happiness when in my mailbox appeared a lovely shiny childs book gifted to me by the wonderful L. Stewart Marsden. The dark colors and large eyes of the girl on the cover led me to believe that there would be some spookiness within the pages and as I opened to the beginning was given the gift of a lovely poem that I reread three times before beginning the tale of Stinky.
“what would you do, if you would, if you could?” Well I stopped right there and asked myself that very question. The possibilities were endless. To read this to a child and to spark within their minds the possibilities, well I must say that is a wonderful thing.
As children we are taught to dream beautiful magical things, and as we grow older we tend to forget about the simple things like believing and dreaming and make-believe. This beginning poem re-opened the possibilities and I was so thankful for that reminder.
So next delving into the story itself, and going in blind I might add, I expected the story to be about nightmares. Well, having an adult mind for the most part that is what most would think, right? Well, not exactly. This is a wonderful story about a child, “stinky” who could be belligerent and want her own way when it was time to go to bed. In the most magical way, the master story creator weaves a tale of this girl and the magic that can happen with the help of a diamond-shaped nightlight with a star on it. If you read my blog you know that any mention of stars just leaves me tickled pink and to see this in the story made me love it even more.
I don’t want to be a spoiler so I won’t tell you the whole story but let’s just say it involves a beautiful horse, a mare who comes at night. Hence the night mare.
My niece loved the book but would not let me take her picture reading it as she was having a bad hair moment as any proper seven-year old girl will tell you, no photos please….my hair just isn’t up to it. I guess she was being a little “stinky” over it but that’s ok.
The illustrations are vibrant and bring this story to life. Jessie Luo is the artist and does magnificent work.
If you have a child and are looking for a beautiful gift to give, I highly recommend this book, and even if you don’t have any kiddies, well I find it will be a great book for an adult who still believes in magic, stars and beautiful horses that visit at bedtime.
Thank you Skip for your beautiful book that I will cherish. Please visit his blog and read the tales of Stinky and hop on over and buy a copy for the holidays or a special occasion gift for a child…or magical adult. is where you will find more of his wonderful words for children and adults.

The tones of a muse

Listen to the sounds
Whispered breezes move the music maker
Sweetest sounds on air
The call of a muse sent
From a heart so far.
Hear the tubular bells
Singing softly
Sounds of peace fill the air
Light cheer maker
The notes of the universe
In harmony.
Can you hear the loveliness
Of the sound of friends
Merriment of chimes
Soothing the soul
A gift from a muse.
She moves back her scarf
Listening for the sound
Far away an answering call
I am here
Filled with thanks
For this gift of music
For the beauty of a symphony
Carried to the sea.
Reminders of the siren song
Held in my hand gently,
Loved with sincerity
Embraced in words
That follow the tune
Softly on a summer wind
And reverberating through the world.

I am truly blessed by the beauty of a gift. A perfect symbol in tune with the flow of wind, a silent request to the universe for a home by the sea filled with the music of chimes carrying ocean breezes, lightly creating a song of love and life and friendship.
Today in my mailbox an exquisite gift of wind chimes from a friend so far away, and the tune it plays so lovely leaving my heart so light and happy. I cannot express in words just how perfect this is and how thankful I am. Peace, love and blessings dear friend.

Photo :

Stars dancing

Spinning on wind
I dance among the star-dust
The concert of wayward dreams
That tease and beckon
Come be the partner
Of the cosmic ballroom King.
Twirling on air
Eyes closed feeling the music
Of the sun and moon
The rising beat
Of the universe song
One two three
The stars keep time
Their twinkling lights
A stage for magic
A dance of life.
Body sways high above
In the memory of yesterday
Captivated by the joy
The bliss
This solo moment mine in the darkness
The beauty of breath moving
In and out
One two three
The curtains fall
Exit stage right into
The next scene.

Hope flies where dreams live

Red balloon bobbing
Filled with hope
Set free by the hand
Of innocence.
Through cities and villages
High above it floats
Drifting on currents
Of love.
She watches with a smile
Wonder in her mind
Who will capture the gift
Endless feeling of happy.
She is anyone somewhere
Setting free dreams
To come into their own
To live out their destiny.
On the lawn beyond the window
Plastic pieces lay torn
They have gone to the wind
The hope of the heart
To be fulfilled.
Always in the air
Close your eyes and you will see
A thousand dreams waiting
Grasp one with innocence
Blow the dust up to the clouds
And watch it all unfold
Believe in the magic
And it will be.