Heart life

Boxed and moving
Through skies and clouds
Rushing forward
To a new tomorrow.
Will you remember
The loves of yesterday
The pain of youth
The loss of the home
That held you so dear.
Given to another
Beating revived
Strong and steady
What new life will you have now,
What new memories
Imprinted in the cells
For eternity.
Will you know joy
The swelling of pride
Or the simple sincere sadness
Of a tear filled movie
Or story
Or poem.
So sweet is the life given
In need
Heart life
From soul to soul.

On seeing a commercial this morning of transplant services and wondering if a heart somewhere holds memories in the cells, will déjà vu revisit and leave a new smile and memories to hold.


6 thoughts on “Heart life

  1. My mother is a biologist, and she often says that our cells have a memory of 5 milliard years of continuous living matter, if the Big Bang Theory is true. So, it’s very possible that heart cells remember the ‘previous life’. Heartwarming poem, my friend. 💖 💝

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  2. Awesome. I never had kids and to have a son that can be creative without the actual experience is a beautiful thing to behold as I think it shows that it is inherent in all of us, but it’s how we choose to use what we may not know 100% of and still take that leap. You must be proud and keep me updated on the details. It sounds fantastic and I can tell from your tone that you are so very excited for him😊 great things and great inspiration. Peace and blessings Kim 💜👍👍

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  3. very pretty – i was talking to my son yesterday – the one in college (the aspiring film maker) and he was talking about a screen play idea he is working on. He was saying that most of the other screenplays have to do with breakups, deaths and even suicide. Why you would ask? Because from a film student’s perspective – and these are short films anywhere from 5-20 min. – these are the easiest to conceive. Now, my son never does anything easy or half-assed – gotta be different, doesn’t care about what people think (not like his mom) and he has chosen a different route (highly creative like his mom). Last year it was a black comedy – this year is a rom/com! Romance comedy! What is so funny about this is the kid does not have much experience – a ‘going-together’ relationship in the 7th grade. So, what does this have to do with your piece? Well, I have been dying to share this info with someone and it has to do with a ‘heart’. this is all I can divulge. Heart is in the title and a heart is involved:) This will have to be continued as more info becomes available…

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