I stood below
Your cold neon glow
Surroundings lit with your
Rays of night,
Full moon to my right
Moving so quickly
Each day flash forward
And I asked you questions
As I stood alone
Listening to the crunch of frozen leaves
From steps of the hounds in the forest
Needing answers
opening my heart to embrace all,
You gave me the peace
Of redefining my path
And I smiled at you
My long-lost December moon
As I gathered the beasts
Withdrawing back to the confines
Of warmth,
Feeling the glow of love
For answers always told
In conversations with skies
And stars that align
To set dreams free
To become their own reality.
Thank you my sweet Luna
For the gifts you give
The peace you bestow
The friends you send to keep company
And for the stars that keep me focused
On strength and determination
To not back down
To forge ahead
To let it be
Imagined dreams
To come to fruition,
To set my path towards destiny.