Tap tap with the metal saw
Clearing snow from your branches
Delicate beauty
So petite and filled with quiet grace,
I touch your needles
Oh so soft
Not quite fully grown
Just a babe in the woods
Amongst the brambles and thorns.
From tree to tree I move
Hmmm, maybe?
Taking the saw into my hand
I reach out
As the wind softly blows
And I know I don’t have it in me
To take you or any others.
To the barn I trudge
Carrying down the big red bag
With plastics pre lit wanna be,
No scent of pine,
Just the last year find
And into the house I move,
Stand it up and away we go
Lights still work and I smile
Beyond the window
Your tender branches wave
A thank you it seems
From you to me,
A holiday reprieve
To just let the beauty
Of a tiny tree be,
To someday grow big and strong
And give home to birds
And shelter from the storm.
Peace and joy in my heart
As the fog descends
And the chill outside grows stronger
My soul is light
My senses warmed
By moments of a holiday
So perfect.

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14 thoughts on “Reprieve

  1. Yes, they are. They love showers. When they were little i could put them in the shower. Now they get sprayed once a week. The little one is so cute. I have her placed in the middle of the big three – and they sre all next to my sliding glass door in my kitchen/dining room. They take up space and shade Pee when she lays by the window. The boys are used to them taking up space. These trees were my first children!!!!!!

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  2. That is a wonderful tribute to your mother and it must be so very hard especially the holidays for you missing her so. I am sure she would love your tutu tree….are those the ones you grow indoors to start? I had a Norfolk pine from a store but they kept dying on me so I stopped buying them. We have itty bitty pines that grow from scratch out in the woods but I couldn’t cut it….so plastic it is….the cats are already eyeing it up 😬 crazy beasties….sending peace and blessings and picturing your special tree 🌳

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  3. I do not have a Xmas tree. But I have three Norfolk Island Pine Trees which I have been a mom to since there were barely 6″ tall. Now they are taller than me – and I had to cut them down last year when I moved. If I did not, they would all be over 6′ tall. So, I just bought a new one. A teeny little one. Saw it at Walmart. It spoke to me. My mom loved Norfolk Island Pines. She always thought they looked like ballerinas with their tiers – tutus tiers. I bought this one in honor of my mom – since yesterday she has been gone for 10 years. It is so cute. We have named her our Nanny Tree. 🙂

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  4. Wonderful my friend. Just my feelings about cutting the trees for holidays. I have a plastic one for years and it’s doing just fine. If I want to feel the scent of a pine, I’ll go for a walk in the forest (and be a nemophilist 😀 ). Thanks for this lovely piece, Kim. BTW I sent you an e-mail. 🙂

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  5. Ok, you always make me smile with your help and I take the hints with joy, all better now and thanks to you my friend, always great to see you pop by. You are my favorite editor Grae! Smiles and peace to you.


  6. As usual you tell a story with depth and feeling – and, as usual, there is very little that I would even suggest you might change… But, petite ‘and’ small is saying the same thing twice IMO and the ‘petite’ is by far the better word – my input is tiny and little, but, I hope it is of use – Grae;)

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