The blessings

High they touch the night
Majestic and tall spires
Staring at the glittering specks
They too feel so small
Amongst the greatness
Of all above.
Limbs raised in praise
They sway like silent dancers
Whispering pine needles graced
With motion of life
Blanket canopy hangs like diamonds
Reflected loveliness of this sacred night.
Far away a candle burns
Bayberry flicker in the window
Heralding the stranger who comes
As creatures gather round
Below the mighty wood
Peace and wishes in unison
To one and all
This gentle night calls
The blessings of the trees bowing
At the beauty all around
Unity and fellowship
Hope and love
And a very special thank you
In gratitude of all that’s good.

To you and your families whether far or near, a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Peace, love and blessings.