Lightness of blue/feather of white

Sympathetic skies
Feather light white
Clouds call to the soul
Harken the blue of morning
Simple gifts found
At my feet.
Raised eyes to the horizon
Searching for the answer
To this somewhat mystery
Feather light blue fades
Into the grey
Of dusk
And I gather the down
Like a Precious treasure
Never ending
Swirling about winter boots
Turn to catch a glimpse
As the moon almost full peers out
From beyond its bed of clouds
The sleet falls cold and wet
I turn to walk away
Into the warmth
Blessed to know this moment
The cleansing
The throwing off of yesterday
Molting into tomorrow
Refreshed and renewed
Flying away
In my mind.

Finding random feathers as I undecorate the holiday clutter about the house, cleansing the space and refreshing my mind and soul. I always see feathers as harbingers of angels stopping by to lift my spirits.


7 thoughts on “Lightness of blue/feather of white

  1. I have always loved the intricate design and colors of feathers and have collected them since I was a child….glad I gave you a light mood and that you enjoyed it ☺️


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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