As I waited

You hung in silence
My crescent companion
A slight tilt
Like a remembered smile
You watched my so quietly
As I waited
For the morning to come.
You illuminated my sleep
While I lay dreaming
I awoke to find you full
Overflowing with words
Shouting out loud
Come to me.
Time found me waiting
As darkness covered my skies
And I could not find you
As you were on your journey
I knew you’d come back to me
As that is how it must be
And I sat waiting once more
Just for a chance
To say hello.
My silly moon,
So vain and bright
Your robe of stars to adorn you,
How I love to see you slip in silently
When I sense you there
I look up to find you laughing it seems
At the smile you find
Decorating my image
So very happy
Hello again friend.

13 thoughts on “As I waited

  1. Wish I could take credit, bing images, always find the nicest ones but it doesn’t always tell who took the photo, like to give credit where due.😊


  2. Full moon blessings tomorrow…snow storm outside, hoping for a clear view but 10 degrees later this week, expect clearing for,that…grrrr….⛄️ ready for the ☀️


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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