I look beyond the panes
Into the maelstrom of white
Slipping away in my mind
To a place of soft beauty
Filled with the scent
Of a bloom remembered.
I am there for but a moment
Relaxed and surrounded
A million gentle flowers
Escaping in my mind
To this gentle place,
Outside the wind whips
The furious storm surrounds
And I hold my hands together
Namaste to this day
To the blessings it will bring
And to the ability to dream away
A savage storm
And fill my thoughts with
Visions of blooming
Simple and beautiful
Nature escape into the break of dawn.

22 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. You’re not waffling, I enjoy reading your poems/stories over my morning coffee, they are not too long but just right. I especially enjoy the scary ones that draw you in, and my writing tends to be what falls out of my brain at any given moment, not much thought needed….just a flow of words and I am glad you enjoy them. Thank you as always my friend😊 peace and blessings to you☺️


  2. Hi Infinitezip. To be honest I am not a great reader of other poets I just love to write. Yet though we shall never meet your poetry has a special quality that makes me want to savour every word and lines I find have such meaning and depth. Hope you understand reading the comments you receive I am not alone. Through your poem it brings understanding of the power of nature! You are so kind liking my poems that cover different elements links between man, nature and his destiny! Sorry to waffle. Peace and Good Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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