Longing fills
The lonely heart
As wind chill kills
The hope survives
For golden days
And a warm sunrise.

This bitter time
Of ghostly grey
Fill shadowed space
Of loss of heart
As days grow long
The sky storms on
And desire leaves
A taste of sun
With morning comes
Despair undone.


15 thoughts on “Desire

  1. Thanks Aunt Beulah, it’s funny at how it came out as I found the picture but had a song in my head and I was writing to the beat….maybe I should try that more often😊🎼🎶


  2. Thanks so much and I am glad you enjoyed this piece. Some of them flow better than others and I get joy from that small feat. Peace and blessings to you my friend.


  3. The balance , always two equal parts, just not always in the same equal mix…I thought the photo so very cool and just seemed to go with the words. Glad you enjoyed it😛


  4. Oooo! So passionate! How did you get all of this out of a sunrise? Film doesn’t capture this much! Excellent choice of words… Sad picture though. I’m happy you felt better with the sunrise. It tends to perk us up somehow. Odd actually: light=happy… Dark=sad…

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  5. Another beauty from the queen of the words. Here is cold, too. Joints in pain. Brr. But as you said ‘days grow long’ and we are heading to the sun. Stay warm and calm, my friend. 🌞

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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