Life of days

Hot summer days
The humid air surrounds it all
Oppressive and still
Where breeze seeks to break through,
He waits there
No movement seen
But for a flicker of the ear
Naps the moments away.
Time passes by quickly
In a dogs mind
Yet still seems forever until they come
And the flies buzz lazily
As the seconds tick by.
Days grow longer
Before slipping backwards
As the fall air slips in like a long-lost friend
And air cools to tolerable
And still he waits
Fo her to come.
A chair to ease the tired limbs
Waits beside the faithful friend
As the car is heard
The distant rumble alerts him through
His running bark moan dreams
As eyes open tired
The tail wags slowly at first
Then she comes
And the frenzy of excitement begins,
Where have you been
Been waiting so long
For you to come to me
To sit a spell and keep company
As he settles down
Resuming sleep
Till tomorrow when it begins again
And he will wait


9 thoughts on “Life of days

  1. You too my sweet friend, cooooold here today wind chill minus 20 degrees….hurts your face…best to stay in and write about the beauty of things☺️


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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