Song of this moment

Now,now must-
Post haste
That turns on a dime
A word
A phrase
The hackles raise
And the Lightning illuminates
The emptiness within.

A moment of
So much happening
Losing control of
That small bit with held
Preservation from
The demise
Where insanity will arise.

Don’t speak
Faster faster

And the snow falls silently
Matching the music of mood
White out image
Don’t go back
Don’t turn round
To face what is better left behind
And it goes on
And round.

It spins like the dervish
And the isolation punishes the weak
The mind sits at bay
Ears down
Tail between legs
Just another stray left behind
But the monsters rise
Yet not evil
Just the voices of reason chained
To micro-managed need
And they will die
And over again
Living in the bubble
Of a reality best fit
For complacency.

And the music plays on
For deaf ears of the world
Where the craziness reigns
And the peaceful will keep the beat
Even if it is the head against the wall
Straining for release,
Straining for an answer
That will set the pace
For the dance to come.


8 thoughts on “Song of this moment

  1. Hi Infinitezip. Will there ever be peace before mankind is extinct! Flowing so beautifully reminded me of the horror in Paris and highlighting even more how nobody is safe from his fellow man! Thank you so much for liking my poems ‘ The Old Asylum! Horror Movie! and Control Room!’ Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  2. Me too, with all of the horrible tragedies in this world it makes one wonder why we can’t slow down and give peace and understanding a chance. Thank you for your words📜 always so wise.


  3. Hurdles/speed bumps in the road and getting very not myself these days. Balancing wills against wants and feeling like I am broken somedays….time will tell. Say a prayer, trying to be positive but feel like screaming…so not my style but tonight getting farther away and feeling compressed.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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