In between

I stood there alone
In the moment between
Yesterday and today
With a breath filled to breaking
Full of stars and dreams
Finding myself everywhere
That I longed to be.
Between time and space
I looked into the dark
Finding light where shadows lay
Reaching out I plucked a thought
From between memories
That had escaped me,
Now returning full circle
To this fraction
Of a second
Of a place
Opened to be free
To live.
A child of space
Of earth
Of all this is
Of all that will be.


14 thoughts on “In between

  1. Your words are great. And you and your writing are loveable. Don’t ever forget that 🙂 I appreciate reading your thoughts and am happy you share them with us all.


  2. Thank you Mike, It always makes me so very happy when someone stops in and comments and I thank you for the compliment, so glad you enjoyed it😊


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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