Star dust

Into the wilderness
Forest realm of deepest blue
Darkness broken only by
Star dust falling from the sky.
In your eyes I see the lights
Wander the world in search
Finding the other seeds of humanity
Unexpected surprises
Always made me smile.
I look above as my head drifts
Languidly into bliss
I become one with
All that is around me
All that is within.
Sweetest moments find me
Unexpected they fall at my feet
Gentle gifts
Reminders of love
Purposeful I move forward
Accepting with humility and grace.

Gentle flow

Into the abyss
Morning awakens the restless mind
Torn from dreams
The realm of change
Another day.
Eyes wide open
As mind sits calm
Gentle thoughts brought forth
To banish the dark
To blow away the storm
Of today.
Peace sits gently
Like flowers on stones
Breath moves in and out
In control
Deep flowing
Close the eyes to the winds
Swirling tornado of mood
Walk away to embrace
To keep the smooth edges
To be.

Serenity burning

In deepest sleep memories sing
Their melody soothes
Like a fire burning
On ice filled days,
But there is not a chill
On Sandy shores
And my feet sink in
I settle like the setting sun
On fire with a love
For this universe.
So many faces
through life’s many places
Where journeys take us
Into tomorrow
The fire waits patiently
Smoke rising into the clouds
To become one
To be a part of every moment
In this dreamscape of my life
Motion carries
The heart that dreams
To its deepest desires.


I needed color
In this swirling white world
A bit of orange to inspire
A splash of ocean blue
Or a speck of green to remember
The scent imprinted within the memory
Of a fresh lime.
The colors of the mind
Sights and sound
The taste of life
Experience of a child
The red of a dress she wore
For the perfect moment
Images rippled like water
Freeing movement
Yet frozen now.
I needed color
Like the yellow warmth
Daffodils and springtime sun
Lavender of the field
And the brown of earth turning
Beyond the winding road,
I needed color
The black of eyes across a room
Lit with laughter in shadows
And The white swirls beyond
While I sit sheltered amongst
Shades of wax
Sticks held by a child’s hand
Drawing my world
With color.


I see you there beyond the glass
Window pane so very cold
Ice never melts these days
But you sweet sky
Always so constant
Watching me silently
Moving slowly before my eyes
As the hours pass
I am gazing
Lost in the skies
Amongst the stars.
Venus and Mars
So very far away
Long lost friends
Hanging out above
Chilling below I stand
Seeing my breath
Heavy fog that slowly dissipates,
Below zero
You know how we feel
In the glistening heavens
You sparkle like ice
A tiny pellet
Like diamonds you shine.

A fire within

He’s moving on
Following the road
Taking him to his dreams,
He’s leaving this behind
‘Cause it doesn’t fit his plan no more,
He’s travelling that road
Where tomorrow meets new dawns,
His soul on fire
It’s just got to be that way.
He’s riding that infinite plane
Flying to new heights
As he smiles into the light
He knows it’s all gonna be alright,
He’s hanging his hopes
Knowing that it’s gonna be a beautiful day
That things are going better
That he knows the special way.
He’s left it all behind
Except his memories and those friends,
He’s jumping into the fire
Knowing he won’t get burned,
He feels alive
His essence in hyper drive
And baby, this is gonna rides gonna shine,
Cause the spirit will manifest his way,
Yeah, gonna be a new day,
Worlds gonna light the spark
He will supply that amazing flame.

Best wishes Bryan my friend, WOOT WOOT!!!
Beautiful pic by Bryan Glover”..’Bama bound via Charleston.

Weather or not

Trying so hard
Grey cloudy days cast a dark shadow
And I know if I can see through
The very essence of you
I’ll find that sun again.
Tired of the negative
All about the positive
Happy with no sad
To sing when I am glad,
But your icy chill
Moves through on wind
Like words that bring me down
Gonna be that way again.
Believing in Tomorrow,
Gonna be a better day,
Gonna see that sun come shining
Gonna feel that warmth again.
And I can’t change you if I wanted to
It’s just something for you to do,
Just clear away that current that brings you down
Push against that invisible wall,
And let’s just get back
To those sunny summer days,
I need to dance in the heat,
Let’s get away from being cool,
It’s just not the fun thing to be and do.

Thoughts on yet another negative ten drive into work, I try, but I just can’t love this weather….bring on the sun, yeah, bring it on.

Rising higher

A stone
Just like every other stone
Side by side
One on another
Individually not much
Together a staircase
Leading higher.
Our thoughts like each piece
Hardened in belief
Strengthened by conviction
Of wants and desires
One step at a time
Taking us where we are meant to be.
When United
So very impressive,
To replace each step
With a dream
With a hope
And we build each one up
Into the next
Looking up we will see
The bright sky above
And the path that leads
To all that will be
And if each stone were a soul
Of one we hold dear
And we widen our circle
Of friends
Of family
Building each other up
Holding hands as we climb
Ah, what a beautiful sight
To behold.

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