Star dust

Into the wilderness
Forest realm of deepest blue
Darkness broken only by
Star dust falling from the sky.
In your eyes I see the lights
Wander the world in search
Finding the other seeds of humanity
Unexpected surprises
Always made me smile.
I look above as my head drifts
Languidly into bliss
I become one with
All that is around me
All that is within.
Sweetest moments find me
Unexpected they fall at my feet
Gentle gifts
Reminders of love
Purposeful I move forward
Accepting with humility and grace.

Gentle flow

Into the abyss
Morning awakens the restless mind
Torn from dreams
The realm of change
Another day.
Eyes wide open
As mind sits calm
Gentle thoughts brought forth
To banish the dark
To blow away the storm
Of today.
Peace sits gently
Like flowers on stones
Breath moves in and out
In control
Deep flowing
Close the eyes to the winds
Swirling tornado of mood
Walk away to embrace
To keep the smooth edges
To be.

Serenity burning

In deepest sleep memories sing
Their melody soothes
Like a fire burning
On ice filled days,
But there is not a chill
On Sandy shores
And my feet sink in
I settle like the setting sun
On fire with a love
For this universe.
So many faces
through life’s many places
Where journeys take us
Into tomorrow
The fire waits patiently
Smoke rising into the clouds
To become one
To be a part of every moment
In this dreamscape of my life
Motion carries
The heart that dreams
To its deepest desires.