I watched the road
Long and winding before me
The sun falling into the trees,
Illuminated gift of the sky
Lay open before my eyes
And I wanted to capture
To hold this vision on film
To show you the beauty
Of this moment
But it would never be enough
To capture this
Because it is mine
And mine alone.
I cannot tell you
The emotion that moves through
And you have your own visions
Your own feeling
And this moment is here for me
And I am honored
And I am here in this space
Of a beautiful sky
Filled with color
Filled with hope
And I moved along
So very tired
So very worn
And it has made a difference
To be here in this second
And I could snap the scene
I could show you all I have
Here before me,
But it would never be enough
For me it is the end
Of a stretch of thought
The mind that moves into twillight
Navigating forward
Into the joy of beauty
Into the setting sun of today
And I long to share the image,
Of home visited for but a moment
But that sun will light my way
Showing me how
To get back home again
As the day moves to night
That once more turns to day
I can breathe
I can see visions of light
And I will turn back again
To journey through
To peace.

Missing home after a long time away….weary, worn and homesick for my own bed….


5 thoughts on “Brilliance

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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