With you

I close my eyes
As fever burns
Coursing through
I see you there
Not so far away
Yet I cannot be
Where I need to be
I cannot be
There with you.
The hands that heal
Will hold your force
As it moves through the hands
With light and life
To see you well
To feel you move
Free of the burden
Blood like a river
Moving past
The rocks that block.
I close my eyes and I am there
By your side
A daughters wish
To the light above
To see you through
To be by your side
Once more
But for now I wait
I send energy out
To see you smile
Once more
Another day
I will come
As my body betrays
At a time most needed
You are there
And I am here
And the saddest times
Are those spent apart today
Of absence
Of longing
Of ability to be
With you.

My mother is in for carotoid artery surgery this morning and I have a severe cold bug and cannot be there for her for fear of getting her sick. As I cough and sneeze, she is being healed by a surgeons hands. I send my energy out to stand in my stead, sad yet secure that she will be well once more. Asking for healing prayers this morning. Thank you my friends.

37 thoughts on “With you

  1. Hi – hope the ❤️day was a lovely one for you and the hubs. Yes, the wind is brutal – I had to be a human shield for the princess so she could do her thing yesterday. I think maybe she does not like the wind messing up her coiffed hair. Happy you are feeling better – the wind will blow in and blow out – before we know it, spring will be here:) xxxx

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  2. As one door closes another one opens…windows count too…but a bit too cold out today for both☺️ smiles…sending energy and wishes for the next phase of your dreams😊

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  3. I think you will make the choice that is right for you….do,what feels right and don’t look back my friend…may be a tough road but never compromise on your feelings…they are worth all.

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  4. I am so sorry you are feeling more blah – but happy your mom came through her surgery well. i had the same cold thing and it hung on for awhile. it will pass eventually – drink tons of herbal tea – i swear i thought i was going to float away, but it helped immensely. Thanks for your words of encouragement – the strange thing about the whole ordeal is that i feel so much better – i know my job was a toxic wasteland and i really needed to get away. i have known for quite sometime, but afraid to leave. xxx

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  5. Thank you so very much, just coming home from a positive prosperous happy seminar and knowing that I wasn’t maybe meant to be there but she sounds well and I am drinking a lovely? Green juice cocktail filled with good healing things, it is nice to meet you friend and I look forward to many more wonderful talks. My blog has been on a back burner for over a week but getting back to my basics and will be writing daily again…a must to let the voice sing he words…no good keeping it in the dark. Peace and blessings. Kim


  6. I hope your mother was indeed healed, and that her recovery, and yours, are strong and swift. Thank you for following my blog. Perhaps reading one another’s writing will open doorways to conversation.


  7. It is just strange, I never get sick but it’s been a long exhausting few weeks between travel, the new house run around for paperwork, etc…but some day I shall stand below the stars on a beach close to home and be so warm and excited.

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  8. thanks Topazo, the surgery went well, now I am just trying to get better so that I can go visit with her. I appreciate your kind thoughts dear friend. Thank you again.


  9. you and Pee are so very wonderful and I appreciate the kind words. Moms surgery went well, now I am worse and just trying to heal up so that I can go see her. Sleeping my day away trying to recharge the jets, congested and sore….I never get sick so this is a big pain in the butt during a very important and busy time. I liked your post earlier, trust your gut and walk away from what no longer serves you and causes pain. You are strong and I will send you good energy for a new job that brings joy. peace and blessings Kim, and hi Pee.

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  10. thanks my friend, surgery went well but I am even worse so cannot go to see her yet. soon I hope and your healing thoughts bring me comfort, I will spread them to her over the phone shortly.


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