Color (fever dreams)

Surrounding the soul
I watched as the shift
From dim to light
The color a blue
Turquoise of the sea
So deep as the water
That is still around form.
Emerging the eyes aware
Filled with imagination
Filled with the color
Moving and embracing
Becoming one.
Each one sat
Some with no image
No color
Like the silence of loneliness
Striving to have
A piece of the magnificence.
Each so very different
Yet unique
Reds and Blues
The Violet hues
And the white light through
The darkness of another day
Filled with hope
Filled with the vibration
Of a calm before storm
Of a letting go
To the universe
Visions of a paradise
Painted skies
Colored lives.
Pushing away the darkness
The rolling cloud
Succumbing to strength
Awakening to breaking water
Coursing down the skin,
Wiping away the heat
Moving to cool
Of now.

Thoughts on the way some people seem to carry a hue around them, like a field of energy that hums its song outward, spun in waves of essence of the spirit. Pushing past the fever dreams I had as a child and found again last night and embracing the light of a morning filled with peace.

Beautiful photo found at:


18 thoughts on “Color (fever dreams)

  1. Thank you my new friend, was loving the beautiful photos on your post, have never been outside the U.S. And never Texas either…okay, El Paso once….very warm and I am thankful to hear your words and know that poetry in all forms has always found a way to touch someone and I am glad you enjoyed this piece. Recovering from a flu bug and not on my game but next week I should return to full time, at least a post a day…keeps the blahs away, right?😊⭐️☀️

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  2. So beautiful. The purpose of poetry is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but an inward significance. I think that is how you write, kinda similar to me. But of course what do I know…Maybe I’m just feeling it… What if I’m saying I like you and if you were a … Obviously I should go….. It’s lovely. ❤️

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  3. It was a suggestion from a reader awhile back, gives people a glimpse into what I was thinking as I wrote, sometimes I actually know the answer, sometimes not so much😊 steal away dear Morgan☺️


  4. I love this Zippy 🙂 And I do like the little snippets you’ve started adding at the end of your poems 🙂 This is a wonderful insight to your verses 🙂 ( I may have to steal this idea from you 😮 )

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