Dividing lines?

What a sight it must have seemed
As water flowed from swollen eyes
Like a dam bursting forth
The muddy waters held for far too long,
To see that smile
Overflowing the banks of reddened cheeks
To let the light in
To set the soul free.
Like a thousand butterfly feet
Moving up and down
Uneven yet using wings to steady,
Color waves flowing
Undulating like the beat of wind
Caressing the waves
The sea-foam of green
Washed of sand
Bare feet nestled
And she began to see the colors
Around her
Touching like clouds on the heads of those
Who stood nearby
Invisible mood
Signs of life
And she knew then there was finally
No dividing line
Between the here and now
With tomorrow and forever
And embracing the light
Through the dark
She began to be unlocked
The prison of self
Key at her feet
Tumbling gently in the sand
Released like a shell tossed
Back to be one
With all that it is.
And the guitar played in the distance
A simple song of peace
To let it be
And she heard it
Calling it for her own
For this moment swaying
The harmony of skies and waves
The return to panoramic color
And the next step forward
To all that would be hers.
And the butterflies flew
Higher to the trees
To slumber for their few
Remaining days of being
And the tapestry that is their life captured
Blues and Browns and the yellow
Sight of the sun moved softly
Setting into the horizon
Sleep called upon
The cycle continuing
Behind the glass
A new day would dawn
For the future
Yet to be brought forth.

Thoughts on emotion, butterfly conservatories, oceans and waves and the universe unfolding each day that passes. The gift of release.


6 thoughts on “Dividing lines?

  1. I wish I took the photo but the ones I saw were simply spectacular….moved before I could get a good shot…photo shy I think. Thanks Kat , glad you enjoyed 😊💜


  2. And she knew then there was finally
    No dividing line
    Between the here and now
    With tomorrow and forever

    I LOVE this…I keep hearing this message all around me lately 🙂 Thank YOU!!

    Blessings and Joy my Friend!!
    OH..is that a REAL butterfly?

    Liked by 1 person

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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