A place by the sea

Hidden in the elements
Candles flicker in subtle breeze
As waves crash somewhere below
Salty air of a place
Where we meet.
Into the night the stars align
As we sit quietly
Absorbed by all that is
Embracing all that shall be
And the wine moves slowly round
Shining glasses half full
A toast to the truth
Of love.
Side by side eyes peer out
Across the waves the lights move
Fishing boats draw near to the land
And our dreams move out towards the sky.
We will find it here
This secret place to see
To sit and dine
To talk and become
At one with this piece of earth,
Cavernous pocket
Of loveliness,
A table of magic for two.

A very cool place it seems…adding to the bucket list. Photo found on trip advisor:


10 thoughts on “A place by the sea

  1. That brought tears from a soulful Heart. Why does an Ocean call the way it does? Is it all of the lost souls speaking from her belly to us? Maybe.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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