Paradise found

Islands in the sun
Slow and so easy today
Manifesting the hours away
Voices of paradise linger in the air
Leaving you truth
Life without a care,
Daring to hope
Feels like coming home
Places and faces
A smile to show
Strangers as friends
In the blink of eye
Boom, like that I heard him say.
A Tribe we become
Under the Key West sun,
Guitar soothes in the silky sand
Come here my friend
Take my hand
And I’ll guide you there
Show you the way
To make each little goodness
Bloom and grow each day,
How to live the dream
That lies within
With each new desire
Each hope we want
As it all comes true
We Begin again.
As night falls down
The boat rocks and sways
Dancing and loving
The PIP tribe way,
And all your friends will be waiting there,
With a hug and tears
You’ll know its right
For each day you let go the fight
And believe in all your heart desires
Leaving the sadness
In The ashes of fire
The universe works in magical ways
This place you long to sit and stay
For just another while longer.
An island paradise
Alive and waiting
For each of us
Where love flies free like wishes on stars
A million above waiting for the word
Embrace the friendship
Hold loosely the memories
They will return once more
Like a whispered wind,
And boom you’ll see
With each opened door
Manifested dreams
Come flooding through
Hold open your arms
And let the love come in
Then tomorrow at morning
We will begin again.

After attending a seminar with strangers who now are like family, I feel alive as each of my hopes and desires come so clear to me, so much goodness happening that words cannot describe.
Possibilities in Paradise is the name of the seminar and the name suits it as beautifully as the people who did the seminars. They were truly life changing. To Leigh and Jonathan.
Please note the smiles….that’s how we all looked all weekend….its a beautiful thing my friends. Photo of the beach “borrowed” from Maria….hope it’s ok.


6 thoughts on “Paradise found

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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