Smooth and free

Water washes gently
Feet sinking in bliss
Sun shines on the happy heart
Feeling alive
Feeling good.
Distant shores beyond
Everyplace is where
We long to be
Travelling the dreamscape
Of a mind on fire
All is possible
All will be.
Dreams flow through
The midnight hour surrenders
Coursing through
Eyes wide open shining
With the light of this life
With the hope of tomorrow.
Walking on air
Head laying on clouds
As the song filters through
Processed words to leave
A residue of moods
Carefree I move
I fly.

I awoke this morning before the alarm with a head that felt so light and happy. Not being a morning person I jumped up, had breakfast…not my norm mind you and I am just feeling like I am on fire with the happies today. Bliss rocks and life is good and sending you beautiful energy vibes to share.


30 thoughts on “Smooth and free

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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