Weather or not

Trying so hard
Grey cloudy days cast a dark shadow
And I know if I can see through
The very essence of you
I’ll find that sun again.
Tired of the negative
All about the positive
Happy with no sad
To sing when I am glad,
But your icy chill
Moves through on wind
Like words that bring me down
Gonna be that way again.
Believing in Tomorrow,
Gonna be a better day,
Gonna see that sun come shining
Gonna feel that warmth again.
And I can’t change you if I wanted to
It’s just something for you to do,
Just clear away that current that brings you down
Push against that invisible wall,
And let’s just get back
To those sunny summer days,
I need to dance in the heat,
Let’s get away from being cool,
It’s just not the fun thing to be and do.

Thoughts on yet another negative ten drive into work, I try, but I just can’t love this weather….bring on the sun, yeah, bring it on.


6 thoughts on “Weather or not

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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