A fire within

He’s moving on
Following the road
Taking him to his dreams,
He’s leaving this behind
‘Cause it doesn’t fit his plan no more,
He’s travelling that road
Where tomorrow meets new dawns,
His soul on fire
It’s just got to be that way.
He’s riding that infinite plane
Flying to new heights
As he smiles into the light
He knows it’s all gonna be alright,
He’s hanging his hopes
Knowing that it’s gonna be a beautiful day
That things are going better
That he knows the special way.
He’s left it all behind
Except his memories and those friends,
He’s jumping into the fire
Knowing he won’t get burned,
He feels alive
His essence in hyper drive
And baby, this is gonna rides gonna shine,
Cause the spirit will manifest his way,
Yeah, gonna be a new day,
Worlds gonna light the spark
He will supply that amazing flame.

Best wishes Bryan my friend, WOOT WOOT!!!
Beautiful pic by Bryan Glover”..’Bama bound via Charleston.


6 thoughts on “A fire within

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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