To ask..and receive

I held my hands up
as if to touch each star
the ones placed just out of reach.
I could feel the movement
and the energy sent through
and I was so alive
for that very moment,
asking for the peace
and receiving.
I slept through restless dreams
awaking with the pinch of light
like a star that fell beyond
the shuttered window pane
and I sat and listened to the wind,
the whispering palms calling
my name perhaps
or maybe just dancing
for their own pleasure.
I asked the world beyond
the universe
the silence
for answers to questions
I already knew within
and it became such a solitary place
here in my soul
and I closed my eyes to welcome it
this serenity
and I let go of the negative
and I was set free.
I had become one
in the night of a thousand wishes
in the day of a warming sun.

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Of peace…the water’s edge

Against the tides
Where sand and skies
Meet in unity
There lies a peace,
Of moment of calm
No ripples mar
The thoughts that spill
Into the energy
Of a life.
Letting go
Complete within
Breath fluid
Eyes closed to the second
Of mornings awakening
Of the gentle quiet
Born of night.
Into the wave of a new day
Floating along
Hindered by none
As gentle thoughts move me
Opening my hands with a whisper of movement
Setting free
That which doesn’t serve
In positivity
Letting go the pull
Of negative illusion
Baptized in peace.
Arising whole.

Wild blooms

Under cool southern breeze
She hangs in solitude,
Wild bloom
Sweet scent fills the air
As sun rises slowly
Your scent fills my soul
With a peace unknown
Except by those
Who call your name gently
Oh jasmine beauty
Petite petals whisper
Upon arrival to our new home to be, a huge trellis of confederate jasmine in bloom. Sitting out in the evening,,the scent so intoxicating and peaceful. A beautiful welcome.

Space of reality

In the caverns of endless dreams
Floating on the crystal blue
Moving in and out
Thoughts like a stream that flows
Around and through
Deeper space below
Carries unseen dimensions.
Diving down below
Effortless moving
Air fills the soul
Overflowing into the skies
Where a million stars have died
Where new orbs shine unseen
Twisting the beauty of sleep
Of dreams
Into shapes and forms
Of peace and endless bliss
containment impossible
To the mind opened to

Empty skies

Cast in blue
Empty skies belie the sense
Of a morning filled
With something more.
A tinge of sadness overwhelms
The aching heart watches
The light that always comes
To greet the day with hope
Of journeys forward
Of forever memories
Of brighter days.
I think of you and know
Tomorrow will dawn still
A presence missed
But free at last to walk
Your next path to
The journey awaiting
Over bridges he waits
With quiet a smile
To welcome you home.

Mirror Mirror on the….(oh just go away you feckin’ ass)

Because the insanity of the day sometimes needs a hearty laugh….Yep, most definitely…and please don’t call the happy ward on me….thanks in advance…..a bit of humor for a Tuesday afternoon.


Hello beautiful friends. Welcome to a rather fine Tuesday. Okay, it’s not so fine but we know how to cope through that, right? It’s all about thinking happy positive thoughts she says through smiling teeth and eyes that betray the truth. This was my conversation with my mirror today. At 2 am when most of the world was sleeping and I sat there with rosy cheeks from being out in 10 degree weather yelling yet again for my goofy dogs. So what’s a girl/guy to do? I was in no mood to embrace the day. I just wanted to sleep. I looked in the mirror at the bags under my eyes, hair messed up, nose red and now running and thought WTF. Who wants to start a day like this? It’s supposed to be waking up all bright-eyed and happy right? Wrong. It doesn’t always go that way and my…

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Hanging art
Dripping as the sun falls
Spreading warmth to pool
In time.
Life in balance
Tips neither
Back nor forth
It just is there
Suspended in itself
Scales together
Side by side.
Thoughts run down
Mimicking nature
Ice dripping upon its shell
Hard and shining
Diamond pools below
Waiting for a season
To free it
To allow it to move
Like rivers running
Into the distance
Out of view.


So comes the time in morning
The earliest light inching
Forward like a thief
Stealing the night away
Leaving the world
Faded muted shades
A dimness of a waking day.
Words held gently
Like frail seconds that pass
Much too quickly
In the hours before she wakes
We take the time to stop
Watch the slow decay
Of petals
Of greens in light
That give no life to inspire
No brightness
Just blues and hues
Of melancholy.
I touch you as I pass by
Soft sleeping forms
Peace finds in the depths
The throes of dreams perhaps?
Grayness calls the end
And I open my eyes and see
The falling of the watered rain
Sliding down the pane
Dropping out of sight below
Into the soul
Of the soil,
Giving nourishment to
The waiting of spring
The green hidden in white
Fading into this.

Courage opened

Like a gift
To the heart
Of self and soul
Opened exposed.
Words keep circling back
With truth.
So profound to finally see
What was always there
Waiting patiently.
Stepping out in light
The stage set for the final act
Her entrance quiet
Unannounced entering
Luminous and shimmering
Elements of earth
Fire, air, water
Movement so sublime
Almost missed
And then suddenly there
Before you.
Offering itself freely
Courage rises
Slipping in through cracks
And shining like the sun
Eclipsed by the moon
Searing into memory
This moment
This place in time.
Head high
Shoulders back
Forging on
Into the tomorrow
That lays in wait
With abundance and infinite possibilities
Hands open
As it fills to overflowing.

Dream of today

I have held the thoughts
like butterflies
so lightly they escaped,
flown away
never hearing the wings
as they moved
only knowing
the had to leave.
Pages turned
as water flowed to seas
ink slid silently across
the shimmering mind
so tranquil
to be
waves moving in and out
like lives coming
and going
and butterflies flying
so short the span
between words and seas
as the world does turn
the sun will still burn
and the moon will come calling
to restless sleep
between waking and dreams
where the thoughts run so deep.
I open my hands
releasing color of love
fly away on little wings
to the dream of today
and wish for me all
the joy for tomorrow
and I will spin for you
this tale of the future
and I shall fly lightly
on the winds of the sky.