Silver circles

Between the darkness and the light
There lies a circle
Round like the universe
Moving round
Reminding us
Of the never-ending
The thought that moves endless
That I am here
That you are there
But between it all
We are connected
Spinning round in this endless space
Touching a life in a way
And we are diamonds shining
You and I
Endless in this circle
Infinity knows the way.
I pray for sun
Never ending on a life I’ve just now known
I pray for healing on a life
I embrace heart to heart,
Words can never say
What lays between
Twenty plus days filled
With longing for unity
Longing for return
And I hear the words surrounding me
“What I feel I can’t say…..
When I try my best to make everything succeed …
Who am I without you by my side”
Because without friends we have nought
But with the sincerest heart
We shall succeed.

Thinking of a friend so far…listening to George Harrison and knowing that tomorrow is yet another day to live, to love, to believe in happy healing thoughts ….missing my bestie….have a glass for me….moving on to who will stop the rain from C.C.R……shining down like water….have you ever seen the rain…coming down on a sunny day……