Lavender skies
Rippled in hues of Rose
Hello beautiful
I am here and present and
Loving this day
Embracing the morning light.
Hello my friend
Always good to see
Images of you all in my memory
All so beautiful
Days of rising Suns
Nights filled with stars so bright
And my lovely moon
Comes to welcome me
So large
My night-light of the cosmos
Hello beautiful I say aloud
As my brush moves through tresses
Eyes clear and bright
And to you dear ones
Hello beautiful
Wishing a day filled
With amazing moments
Peace filled memories
And a reinvention intention
To treat yourself like the true amazing soul
You are,
Hello beautiful
I think of you and smile.

Photo found on Facebook.


10 thoughts on “Hello….

  1. Thank you Marie, I love to start the day with the imagined smiles from readers….and we all like to be told we are beautiful….we forget sometimes☺️


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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