She hangs in the quiet morning
Suspended gossamer ribbon
Lifting her into
The beginning of the day.
Hues of blues surround
As she gazes at her world
The scenery cool and white
Dark beyond the branches move
Noticed by none.
Her belief sways with the rocking
The highs and lows
Bumps she encounters that derail
The thoughts momentarily
Centered again and focused
Forging on.
She sees the open road
Waiting for the journey
The pilgrimage to tomorrow
Her dream alive in her mind
Floating on the imagined
Grounded in the skies.
She will reach destinations
She will carry along her words in a jar
The positive
The good
Setting free the thoughts
Which never serves to raise
Vibration hums in her soul
Her essence blue and changing
To a brighter shade
Of ocean tones
Of skies above
Of all within.