Magic of life…

She takes each piece
Masterpieces filled
With memories of a life.
Colors of the world
Merged into one
Into another
Creating an image
Shapes overlapping
Making magic.
She stitches with fingers
Filled with love
Like fairy dust sprinkled
Bringing to fruition
The beauty of her mind.
Like a master of he palette
Cloth her media
One by one coming to be
A Mandala of the universe
A dream in the making
Held dearly
By her world.

My beautiful friend Kasia hand makes these gorgeous Mandalas that are so amazing to see. Holding names, handprints, or whatever chosen to symbolize the individuals she makes them for. Her creativity is simply amazing and I am honored to call her friend. Peace and blessings dear Kasia.

15 thoughts on “Magic of life…

  1. That’s quite alright, I’ve been busy with a new blog and have been dividing my limited time some days….weekends seems to be my catch up time but I love to wake up and drink my coffee and gaze at your lovely images and words…jump starts my day 🙂 Thanks Morgan 🙂


  2. The poem and the Mandala are both wonderful. The art reminds me of an ancient American Indian tradition where belts were designed in such segments hallmarking the person in particular places in time.

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  3. I am so very very happy that you liked it. It brings me such joy and smiles to give you get gift that you’ve given me, spreading beauty and joy into the world one piece of amazing art at a time😊 blessings and peace dear friend and have an amazing day💜💜


  4. Ohhh Kim! You touched my very soul with this post. I have the tell-tale goosebumps that resonate with Sourse Energy. I am honored to call you friend. Our chance meeting wasn’t chance after all! Thank You!!
    Namaste’ Kasia

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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