Ten lines speak love

If love were true
Love would never fade
And love not denied
Is love above all.
If love could see
This love in me
Then love is bliss,
Love a simple kiss.
If love were silent
Whispers love of quiet
You’d hear not love
As love would die.
But love has wings
A miracle love brings
For love it sings
In life love brings.

Written to my lovely friend Kim in the form of a challenge,
To play along one must post ten lines with four words each line with the word love in each…
And challenge another ten writers to follow. I give you a pass but felt like playing along
As my writer friend Kim is amazing and I apologize for not including others, but if you want to play along…here is where it all began..in love….
http://movingtowardsthelight.com/ Is where you shall find said challenge…original bestowed upon me by : https://words4jp.wordpress.com/2015/03/15/love-in-ten-sentences/

The whipping of wind

She calls upon me
her spring merriment enchanting
days of sun above
she beams down her warmth
and teases me with a taste
of days soon to come.
I wake to her clear skies
stars hang like a mobile
slowly moving overhead
a song in my mind
a crooning lullaby
and I wake to the darkness
of time moving forward.
The wind whips beyond windows
and white moves through skies
the bitter cold replacing
her gentle touch,
have you forsaken me gentle spring?
Will you return to play
your lovely games of
pussy willows blowing easy
and the blooms rising to greet
the snow weary eyes?
Will these days move quicker
to get us to where it is
we long to be,
and will you be happy to see
the welcome you will have
with feet dancing
on softened ground.
Alas I wonder why you ran
why you hid so soon,
as the days had been filled
with the happy noises of the birds
and the laughter of people emerging
and as I sit in the warmth
where a fire burns bright
I only long to open the window
to say hello
to wish you a welcome home.

Words like butterflies

They came to me while I slept
The darkness lit from motion
Words come like a hundred butterflies
Flitting here and there
Lightly touching down
Then lifting off into air
Forgotten in wonder
Of the translucent wings
I reached out a hand
Please land
Please stay
Needing to capture just one sentence
One phrase as I knew they meant
So much more
Than a passing thought
So much more
Than to be left behind
Beautiful blue wings
Back and forth slowly
Moving the air
Like the whisper
Parting like a smile
Then faster to lift
To move into the light
To be the a part
Of itself.