Her wilderness

There is a fire burning
within her soul
her fields grown long waiting
one spark as embers ignite
the wilderness of her heart
colored in flames of bliss
watching it burn
she smiles
She walks between the dreams
tending to her flock
driving them to safety
with a gentle wave of her hand
as the fire climbs higher
she knows the paths
lays claim to the safety
of the other side
breathing without concern
she is here.
Her eyes move to the skies above
the swirling patterns
the smoke infused like burning sage
cleansing the walls of her
mindful home
clearing space for more dreams
she will tuck away
for tomorrow the rains shall come
and will wash away the ash,
the color swirling down the drain
and she will begin
once again.

Lovely photo found at: http://www.soulvisionart.com/gratitude.html


14 thoughts on “Her wilderness

  1. Thank you….just getting back into my groove lately…been so busy and I thank you kindly for your comments…I believe you’ve made my day…smiling very big right now😀


  2. Hi my friend, so glad you liked it. It felt so right as the words flowed…some days you just really enjoy a piece😊 have missed you my friend.


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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