A fallen star….for Anna

I was so afraid to see
To open the page and have those eyes
Gazing at me
Like so long ago
I had never forgotten
How you shone
So brightly
The art of your arms telling a story
That only you could tell,
I didn’t want to remember
The way you were then
But I moved forward
To reclaim your face
For my memory.

The moon had come
Four nights in a row
calling to me…
And someone said of her presence
“She’s trying to tell you something”
But I did not know
Only waited to see
the message that waited
for me to be ready
for me to see the truth.
You are the falling star
like the lightning bugs
in the warm night air,
yet for the cosmic skies
dark enough for one grand beam
flashing through on your journey
to your new tomorrow.
I thought of you dear friend,
just the other day my mind came round
to rest on wondering of you,
trying to recall the last time we had spoken,
you were moving on
and so happy to be leaving
and then nothing.
Racing through your life
tragic angel of circumstance
how your words filled volumes
and how I read every one and you asked of me
with almost a worry in your voice,
did I like it,
was it any good
and I laughed and told you how funny you were
and how your amazing works filled my thoughts
and then I began myself
to start my writing again,
inspired to pick up a pen
and fill my own pages.

The moon called me through sleep,
standing outside watching the sky
I did not know it was you
whispering goodbye.


On finding out today that a friend passed away a few days ago…it had been awhile since I had seen her as she was moving through her own life. I thought of her often, thinking I should pick up the phone and give a call just to say but I never did. I think she forgave me…and being a spiritual star-gazer who knew quite a lot of astrology and signs, I believe she gave me one last week. I didn’t know then, but I believe now I do.
Rest in peace my friend.

Shine on soul

Thoughts trickle through
Light shining
Tranquil on soul
Sweet bliss of peace
Through darkness falling
Like lost stars.
She sings her song of now
The fog cut softly
A light reflected
Apparition alive
Through her lips
Whispering ghosts
Burning off
With the rising sun.
Awake to damp chill
There awaits a quiet place
Where thoughts run free
And wildflowers tangle
Their beauty woven
A crown placed
On the fairest
The sweetest who rises
In glory.