Dusted memory

Perhaps it was only meant
to be spent
in the blinking of an eye
away it went
flying by.
star-dust gathers
like tears that fall unnoticed
riding the wind
yesterdays memory
crashing in.
I call out in the haze
of these passing crazy days
filled with thoughts of summer
of the sun
of life now done.
I can’t help but wonder
’bout that poison flowing through
the colored patterns
like needles sew
in and out
and then no more.
I wish for night
come crashing down
with pots overflowing
with star-dust covering
these memories fading
nothing remaining
a thought that flies
like a beacon unseen
by blinded eyes
a tale once told
thought only lies
now comes to light
with a rising sun
what is now
can no longer rest
As the mind unravels
finding peace within
to rise above
to begin