Dream of today

I have held the thoughts
like butterflies
so lightly they escaped,
flown away
never hearing the wings
as they moved
only knowing
the had to leave.
Pages turned
as water flowed to seas
ink slid silently across
the shimmering mind
so tranquil
to be
waves moving in and out
like lives coming
and going
and butterflies flying
so short the span
between words and seas
as the world does turn
the sun will still burn
and the moon will come calling
to restless sleep
between waking and dreams
where the thoughts run so deep.
I open my hands
releasing color of love
fly away on little wings
to the dream of today
and wish for me all
the joy for tomorrow
and I will spin for you
this tale of the future
and I shall fly lightly
on the winds of the sky.