Courage opened

Like a gift
To the heart
Of self and soul
Opened exposed.
Words keep circling back
With truth.
So profound to finally see
What was always there
Waiting patiently.
Stepping out in light
The stage set for the final act
Her entrance quiet
Unannounced entering
Luminous and shimmering
Elements of earth
Fire, air, water
Movement so sublime
Almost missed
And then suddenly there
Before you.
Offering itself freely
Courage rises
Slipping in through cracks
And shining like the sun
Eclipsed by the moon
Searing into memory
This moment
This place in time.
Head high
Shoulders back
Forging on
Into the tomorrow
That lays in wait
With abundance and infinite possibilities
Hands open
As it fills to overflowing.


16 thoughts on “Courage opened

  1. Thank you so much and in process of getting house ready to sell so that we can move….cat ready to make his passing so been tied up comforting him as best possible. Getting old and losing a pet so tough, lost my older girl a few weeks ago. Sigh….not writing much because of the busyness. Congrats on your move also…will talk soon my friend. Peace and blessings. K

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  2. Hi Zip, I’ve been meaning to thank you for the follow…I think you and I are both moving at the same time!? You are, therefore, in my mind at least, my movin’ buddy! Just to know that time and space has aligned that we should meet across the interwebs. Best, Ka

    P.S. I really like this poem.


  3. Oh, I forgot about the novel. It’s historical fiction. I have one after it, which is fiction based on real life. But it’s a long way..

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  4. Wow, you did? Thanks… I’m working on adding music to it as intro and outro. 🙂

    I have a vision that resembles what you said about the group. Although I’m not much of a group player, add me. I don’t know about changing the world, but I can influence a small part of it.

    I’m also planning to monetize my podcast and blog after getting enough audience and use that money for charity.

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  5. I listened yesterday to the cloud one. It was very good, being different vs weird. What is your novel about? I am with a group of people now working on changing the world in a good way. are you on facebook? Shoot me an email and this group is awesome with all different aspects of going farther with projects…tech help, all sorts of things😃 if interested and I’ll ask them to include you😃


  6. Yes it does😃 new blog? S.M….things are going good, moving and changing and being oh my. Busy busy as usual but it’s all good😀 how is it with you?


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