So comes the time in morning
The earliest light inching
Forward like a thief
Stealing the night away
Leaving the world
Faded muted shades
A dimness of a waking day.
Words held gently
Like frail seconds that pass
Much too quickly
In the hours before she wakes
We take the time to stop
Watch the slow decay
Of petals
Of greens in light
That give no life to inspire
No brightness
Just blues and hues
Of melancholy.
I touch you as I pass by
Soft sleeping forms
Peace finds in the depths
The throes of dreams perhaps?
Grayness calls the end
And I open my eyes and see
The falling of the watered rain
Sliding down the pane
Dropping out of sight below
Into the soul
Of the soil,
Giving nourishment to
The waiting of spring
The green hidden in white
Fading into this.