To ask..and receive

I held my hands up
as if to touch each star
the ones placed just out of reach.
I could feel the movement
and the energy sent through
and I was so alive
for that very moment,
asking for the peace
and receiving.
I slept through restless dreams
awaking with the pinch of light
like a star that fell beyond
the shuttered window pane
and I sat and listened to the wind,
the whispering palms calling
my name perhaps
or maybe just dancing
for their own pleasure.
I asked the world beyond
the universe
the silence
for answers to questions
I already knew within
and it became such a solitary place
here in my soul
and I closed my eyes to welcome it
this serenity
and I let go of the negative
and I was set free.
I had become one
in the night of a thousand wishes
in the day of a warming sun.

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28 thoughts on “To ask..and receive

  1. Hi Kasia, am enjoying my vacation and finding some inspiration too. I am so happy you are enjoying my words and finding something in them that brings you smiles and peace. It is a gift to me to read your comments and I am sending you a great big hug to start your day. Peace and blessings my friend. Kim


  2. Ah, a perfect brew! I try every day for good, the Spring is super inspirational for me alone. Everything else is an added bonus;). P & b to you as well. I’m with you on the sun 🌞.

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  3. Thank you so very much. Enjoying my inspiration on vacation and found the photo, it was just asking for words and I am so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you, peace and blessings.


  4. Hi Morgan, so very glad you enjoyed it. Not getting a whole lot of writing in, kind of go go with the pups, hitting the beach etc….heat not good for electronics so most of the time it has to stay home, so no writing there…have to save up all the happy thoughts in my head till I get home. Peace and blessings. Kim


  5. Thank you Mojo, and welcome. I’ve been away for a bit but finally getting some writing in. It always feels good to know someone out there is enjoying the work. Thanks so much for your comments, it is truly appreciated.

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  6. Thank you so very much. It’s nice to be able to finally take some time and write again and I am so happy you enjoyed it.
    Peace and blessings 🙂


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