Clarity of light

Through pages I travel
Each path constructed
With thought and energy
And words mark each step
Leading to the clarity
And the light.
I balance my step on beams
Parallel existence found
On levels of awake and sleep
Where a dream casts shadows
And a song the only piece remaining.
The sun lies between clouds
Two shelves filtered
And the space between
Night and day reach out
Red splendor of another image in life.
I listen to the sounds
Beyond in the forest of coolness
Dampening my brow and the peace
Quietly caressing my senses
Alive in the light
The clarity of your words
Give me crumbs to follow
Into the bliss
Of dawn.

The wonder of it all

To live this life of here
The wonder of the now in each moment
Of dreams and the everyday movements
That capture my mind
In quiet clarity.
Colors and stories
The words that flow from rushing ink
Winding round like endless roads
As the rain falls to blur
The thought that spoke
Only moments before.
To feel within
This childlike joy
The wonderous imagination
That feeds the fire
A hungry beast that craves more and more
Most needed in a day sublime
And not quite mundane
Yet typical.
Motions of pages turning
Faces and places
And seasons that keep moving
Even if we stay still
Watching the memories
A movie flickering in a dark room
Shadows cast and eyes that watch silently
In the awe of a dream cast
By like minds
As understanding dawns
Like a morning sun fights the darkening clouds
I hold my hands up to catch
Each drop that falls
Capturing the damp of cleansing
A soul awash in a treasure.

Thoughts in passing on the gift of imagination and the wonder of words and visuals, dreams that someone had that stopped to make note and we are all the more blessed for it.

Had I not

As the moment passed
and this fragile heart broke
one more time in so short of span
between the bridge of yesterday
and of today,
with a quick sharp intake,
like the breath expelled
in living reverse
and had I not
spent those hours
those final minutes
touching you as you faded
as you slept gently
moving forward into your next step
into your next moment
of a breath
taken at birth
of a new life
able again
to be.
Had I not cried
would that have meant
that nothing really mattered
that you were just a piece
of this puzzle of life
lost like every other one
like you
like I someday will be
had I not thought of holding on
I would have missed this time
this second of a hand pressed
against your softness
and had I not let you go
I would have lost a part of myself
yet again at having not been
the one to hold you
to say goodbye that one last time
had I not been so strong now
as I was not then
I would have missed these delicate moments
of cradling you
loving you
setting you free.

Thoughts of sadness on losing my precious cat this morning and feeling blessed to have had the time I did to give him so much love and how much he gave me in return. God Speed fat squishy Meep…you will be sorely missed but held in my heart always.