In silent submission

I held the world before me
Like a crystal ball it shone
An orb of light glistening
Igniting my soul
With silent submission.
I gazed into the moment
Amazement at the sight
Of words and song
Thoughts lifted higher
Like a prayer to a cloud
That hung waiting
For that last bit of wisdom
To send it on its way.
Floating along like a star
Suspended by invisible wishes spoken
In a mind quieted
By the peace of a whispered sigh.
I held out my hands
Setting free to hold
All of the whole
Part of the soul
Shared amongst the life
Of the universe
And a sound was heard
Like a wind through trees
Then silence
Fell unheard
Raindrops to mist
Slowly fading.


12 thoughts on “In silent submission

  1. Thank you so very much. I awoke early again this morning and was searching for a photo to meld with my waking mood and when I saw it, I thought, yes, this is the one for these words. I am so glad you enjoyed it and sending peace and blessings for a lovely day.


  2. Thank you so very much. I fell in love with that image as soon as I saw it and it is always great when the thoughts move so freely to the beat of the vision. I am glad you enjoyed it and that it brought you a peace as it did me. Peace (more) and blessings to you.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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