To be….

Alive through ages
I’ve stood the tests of time
As hurricane winds blew
Roots planted and grasping
The core of earth.
Smooth skin surrounds me,
I feel your heart beat
As you wrap your arms around
And laugh as you couldn’t quite touch
Your hand to hand.
I shelter you from the harshest sun
My adornments in shades of seasons,
The gentle spring the best
Yet amazing in the autumn sun,
So very strong I would stand
As you lean your back against me
Maybe you dream perhaps?
Or you watch the stars twinkle at night
And I reach so high above
And pluck you the moon
If I could of course
But I cannot.
But I can send you a sign
I can show you the power
The magic of might,
If you only notice
For what it is,
My message of strength
For you to feel within yourself.
I am so ancient my child
I have stood my ground for a thousand years
To give the air you breathe,
To offer you a piece of myself
For your warming fire,
I would give You myself
Planks for a boat to carry you,
Yet to watch you sail away
Beyond the far horizon
Would be to miss a friend
And I’ve seen many In my life
As I’ve stood here by the bay
Knowing all that comes
Must finally go,
Myself to fall someday
Perhaps to be washed away
Floating as long as I could
Before falling unnoticed below,
But today I will sit here with you
Enjoying the silence
And I will sing to you my melody
Of rustling leaves,
To be
A simple tree.

Inspiration by Ka….a fun blog post of coming together to create art.

If you were a tree, what would life feel like?
Life would be filled with gentle ocean breezes, people of every walk of life below me giving me hugs and the sights and sounds of centuries gone by would be a wonder.

What kind of tree would you be, if you got to be a tree just now? My answer is a majestic oak that lived for hundreds of years down south.

If you could choose to make artwork to honor a tree, what format/media/style would it be in?
If I had to make artwork of a tree I would gather bark and pine cones to become leaves and dried grasses that surround the trunk to blow in the breeze.

Stop on by her post and add your thoughts and inspiration to her quest:

I love trees and they do send signs for us…natures messages. We had a strong rain blow through a few days ago and when it passed I went outside to find this:


Such a magical and amazing act of nature. Inspiration for strength.

Morning heart

The light of day falls upon
The thoughts of morning
Words spoken
Bouquet of hearts
A gift of truth.
Pondering the mirror image
Reflected in the darkness
Change of mind to begin
As the dreams left spent
The tired soul.
Far away the wise sage speaks
Across miles the message held
Within the rising I
As ego left behind leaves a quiet
A place where hearts bloom
Nestled in to the space
Where beauty thrives.
Hidden behind the mass
The tiny sprout planted
Growing sheltered
Giving love
Gathering of shape
The heart knows and sees

Water colored skies

Through her tears
Falling trough the summer sun
She paints rainbows
Like water colored skies
Upon the palette of blue
Dappled with clouds
That cover her memories.
She searches her world
The ocean depths of cerulean blues
As the waves of loss
Drown her within.
Wind blown sand stings
Embedded on canvas
Becoming one with itself
Shell fragments like knives
Cutting in to her heart of thoughts
And the blood pumps faster
Falling like crystals at her feet
Dressed in a prism
Of colors that made her
Empty to whole
As the treasure at the end
Was always found within,
She will grab a new sheet
And start yet again.

Wings of a peace…moments in nature

A winged shark-like movement
As dusk falls and light dims
Back and forth frenzy
The hum of you fills the air
As I bear silent witness
At your dining pleasure.
Dragonfly gathers
As mandibles chew
One less
Two less
Mosquito feast of abundance,
And I watch your long wings
And your quick easy movement
Slightly skimming water
With no ripples seen
To mark your presence
And I the giant
Of your spacious world
You hang nearby and I watch
And breathe in this peace.
Night falls and black winged bats
Flapping and seen against twilight sky
I wonder if the dragonfly fears
The mightier wings
Or do they move off to sleep
Awakening at dawn
To return to a quiet breakfast
By the suns early light
Living their predator life
As the day moves forward
And the cool breeze ushers
This gentle morning mist-like rain,
I leave this sanctuary calm
Knowing I shall return
With the high of sun
I will sit a spell and watch
The return of you.

Serenity of sun

Darkest nights empty
Dreamless as a song plays within
Of yesterday aware
Of sleepless surrender.
Lucid midnight filled
The forest alive
I feel the awareness
Like nerves taut and trembling,
Movement of branches mark passing
And I breathe in and out
In the thick moist cool air,
As the fox screams in repetition
The hounds restless
And the moon just hangs
Silently watching.
With morning there comes
The serenity of sun
As a fawn emerges in peace
From glades of green
Breathless the mind captures
Fragile special memory
To light the day beyond
With a grateful heart.

A dreamless night as I slept yet knew I was not quite in a deep sleep, the shriek of a fox perhaps? setting the dogs to scramble as I just lay there listening to the earth spin her life force round and on cool cotton pillow I closed my eyes as a distant song from childhood played on in my mind like a radio in a window.


Blades move in a blur
Speed of light unseen
Wheels turning
Movement carrying me on my way
Back and forth
Striped lines Mark
My passing.
Tiny specks of white float by,
Daylight stars of dogwood
Cottony butterflies
Caught on the wind
Aroma of earth surrounds.
The hounds roll like children
Back scratched on sharp grass cut
In joy of a scent beyond my senses
Fragile noses alert in air
Seeking death crushed and hidden
Amphibious form
Gives a short span of rubbing,
Bodies writhe in joy as
I see their toothy smiles
Their bliss of a moment
On Fresh cut grass.
A view of accomplishment
Under cloudy skies
The rain will wash away
Dirt marked furrows
And the dandelion will once more rise
To mock the cutters mind
I will see you next time
Perhaps you will get me then,
Springing up like a flag
As I turn and walk away.

Thoughts on a day spent mowing the lawn, the unfortunate demise of a frog and the mocking salute of the dandelion that springs back up after the tires moved on…I think I heard it laugh at me…like a child saying haha, you missed me, you missed me.

Light within

She sings her song
Dressed in jewels falling
Like mermaid tears
Glittering on sand.
She builds her castles
The higher ground shifting
Still washes out to sea
Lights flicker within
Then upon crashing waves die.
She swims to far horizons
Searching for the past she left
Needing to cast away
The pain it brings
Like sad treasures on the sand
Rolling below
She sits alone
The rocks under moonlit skies
And watches the shapes move about
She is invisible to their eyes
As they search for their own trinkets
Oblivious to her existence
She slips silently back
As the waves move through
Erasing any sign
That she had been
For but a moment
Among them.

Drifting sea on dreams

Moving forward floating,
Thoughts of images spent
Aimlessly drifting like
A boat at sea
Silence of nothingness
Rocking to the rhythm
Of a heart alive.
Dreams of yesterday rise
From below the depths
Sea spray-like tears
Cascading down the sides
Running freely into
The ocean that surrounds
Like a child in arms
wrapped up and safe
Sleeping peace like time
That ushers in rebirth
And regenerated spheres
Of my inner fantasy.
I move back and forth
Before the setting sun
Strangely unaware of my existence
Except the white room of calm
That sits waiting for fulfillment
Of a new day that will rise
And I once more
Will raise and set sail
Into my mind’s eye
Another perfect morning
Spent skimming dreams.

Between the whisper

I felt you come to me
Like a whisper of energy
Through layers of cloud
The motion slipping
Between a thought
And a distant memory.
I heard your voice call
So quiet yet strong
Beneath a spring moon
The beauty of light
Drowning out
The insignificant stars.
I reached out to you
Through the darkness
Like roots underground
Invisible and alive
Becoming one with the dream
Between the whisper of this moment
Wrapped in mystery
And the wonder of all
That is to come.
I live in you
Just a fragment of the whole
Born of dust
And as fleeting as the clouds
That dissipate unnoticed
Yet forming into shapes
Of the endless imagination.

Photo found at:


Into the distance
Journey limited
Only by the fear
That holds the soul still.
Lines run parallel
Like lives and minutes
Movement halted
If insecurity derails.
The quest of the now
Not tomorrow nor past
Fills the calm breeze that blows
Into the sails of dreams.
And the pioneer learns
To guide course by the stars
And by the heart that has tread
These steps a thousand times before.
A new map is drawn
Destination unknown
But getting there will happen
If the mind stays secure.
Go follow that light
Through the dark days and nights
That leave you feeling lost and alone
It shall always lead you home.

Thoughts on finding out an acquaintance passed away and once more realizing the need to follow what you feel to be the right path on your journey, letting nothing stand in your way.
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