Infinite Zips?

It is always such a joy when one can creat a bit of inspiration on others. Graeme has always been a blessing and also my favorite editor of my atrocious grammar. So….infinite Zips? Or Finite? Enjoy my friends and check out his blog for other creative works.

Graeme Sandford

Just some of the 'infinite number of zips!' Just some of the ‘infinite number of zips!’

If you ‘did’ have a ‘infinite number of zips’ – where would you keep them?

Surely, an ‘infinite number’ of zips could be considered ‘excessive’.

I mean, having a few, various zips to hand would be useful if an odd zip were to break and need replacing – the most popular length of zips (for jeans and trousers) being requisite for the extended life of your favourite pair of knee-torn denims. But, to have an infinite number of spares to hand would over-egg the provision of back-ups in the rare case of ‘zip-failure!’

So, I would here state that ‘infinite’ is probably excessive, and that a ‘finite’ amount of them would be a bit more sensible, not to say practicable.

Which doesn’t even touch upon the sourcing of the zips; how much would they set you back? An ‘infinite’ amount of money…

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4 thoughts on “Infinite Zips?

  1. Kim, if you go to your Reader, and Blogs I Follow, there’s a menu which brings up a settings cog. If you click this, you can change the settings for how you receive new post alerts, comments, etc. 🙂

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  2. I’m sorry I haven’t been by to visit….haven’t even had much time to write lately…working on selling the house in NY so we can move to Florida and I can have sun more often than snow. I shall have to try to figure how to follow you by mail, then you’ll pop in my box and I can’t miss you😃🐕 smiles and sunny thoughts, K

    Kim Laettner


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