As one

Midnight mist below gazing stars
I feel the bits of moisture
Surrounding my soul,
Clouds move lazy
Like passing nights unnoticed
And the sound of flags
Tiny leaves unfurl
As the world sleeps
I stand here among it all
Feeling as one
With this moment.
Owl calls in darkest woods
Searching below his perch
And flying wings
Brushing the sky
A waving branch marks
The passing of
Creature of this world
I am in.
I hear the life
Like breathing energy
Amphibians swim
Singing their mating song
Night filled with wonder and awe
And here I stand
Aware of all
As my heart beats
I am alive
I am peace.

I stood outside at four twenty this morning, listening to the crackling yet so very quiet sound of the leaves breaking free of their winter buds, unfurling unnoticed as the owl called as the stars shine with the hazed ringed moon and if that isn’t peace, I don’t know what is.