Dwelling within this moment
looking out towards the next second
the hands of the clock move
endlessly the same
A heartbeat of time
no disruption
no void
Moving through this space
this thing called life
To see beyond
tired eyes gaze in a fog
not really present
just moving this motion
as the wheels crush pavement
and the world rushes by
although it stays in its place
it is just the beings that move
as the rubber turns
too fast to see
speeding on to the sun
without the tick tock
bumps disrupt
the thought that wandered
to the dream it became
while locked within
now free of chains
without being hindered
it slipped silently away
into the dark coming of night
where others lay
within the mind
without the conscious rush
of now.

I find it funny, being such a creature of habit, when my routine hits a speed bump it causes so much chaos with my thoughts, like wild horses running every which way, gets so hard to wrangle them in. Letting the thoughts roam the plains wild today I suppose.