Into spheres of bliss

Dreams carry me through
The darkest landscapes filled
The terror of helplessness
Lost and sinking
Further in.
Lights shine beyond reach
As I look up to see your face
And you pull me through this jungle
The chocking evil place.
I find we are moving
In this blue ocean world
Far away from the things
That pulled me below
And I feel the calm within
As I surrender to this,
The soft way you carry me
Like a boat gliding on waves
And I lay back down
Breathing in and out
Feeling the swell of the water
Motion rocking me
Back and forth
I surrender to the next image
As the dream flows
Into the spheres of bliss.

Photo found on Pinterest


7 thoughts on “Into spheres of bliss

  1. Thank you Kat, we skipped spring and hit summer. 89 degrees yesterday….sunny and gorgeous. Great weather and comfy nights for sleep. Life is good😊


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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