Of blue days and goodbyes

She paints her world
Shades of blues to match
The moods
In fields where flowers bloom
Whispers the song of
A dragonfly.
Joined in harmony
They gather to fly
Gossamer wings reflecting
Memories of a life gone by
Like tears that watch
In silence
Life’s play in acts
One and two
Broken only by intermission
Of a spoken word.
It is here she finds
The inspiration
Painting days like photos
Not to fade
But to bring life to a soul
To a girl who whispers to fireflies
Her sorrow through magic
Of natures gift
Flying higher
To fade away.

Photo used with permission and can be found at:

I found this beautiful painting that brought me so much joy in its colors and after reading the inspiration behind it, felt the need to share words. Permission given by the artist and author/writer herself (Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree) Please stop in to see her work. Thank you Ann for allowing me to use this special piece. Peace and blessings. Kim

13 thoughts on “Of blue days and goodbyes

  1. Thank you for the use of your lovely painting. I used to draw and even went to college for art, yet writing always suited me better. I so love the colors of this piece and the story behind it. I thank you so very much. Have an amazing day my friend.☺️


  2. Part of the journey, through gifts to learn to fly again and find peace in simple things☺️ thank you so much my friend. Peace and blessings to you. K


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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